he Royal Australian Air Force Roulettes perform a manoeuvre during an Interactive Flying Display

The Aviation Candidate Management Centre has the responsibility for making employment decisions for appointments to all RAAF Officer Aviation Candidates (OACs). The Navy and Army have their system for making their employment decisions.

The distribution is the final phase of the OA selection process.  The distribution panel will consider all candidates that were recommended by the RAAF Officer Selection Board (ROSB).  The panel will take into account Preference, Suitability, Standing and Demand when making the distribution.  

A successful applicant's first preference of Service will be of primary consideration for the initial offer, but offers may be made by other Services. An applicant may choose to accept an offer or remain in the pool in the hope of receiving a first-preference offer.

Applicants remain in the distribution pool for a period of 12 months. After that time they are generally deemed 'uncompetitive' and their files are returned to Defence Force Recruiting. If a candidate has been unsuccessful, the Aviation Screening Program (ASP) may be repeated after 12 months (to a maximum of three attempts).

If applicants wish to apply again, they need to re-apply via Defence Force Recruiting.