ADF Sport

Sport is an important part of developing team and individual skills within the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and helps maintain physical fitness.

Sport also provides an opportunity for interaction between the Services, the wider Australian community and the forces of other countries. This interaction occurs in competitive settings that develop qualities that are of benefit to the ADF, including:

  • teamwork;
  • mental and physical robustness;
  • personal wellbeing;
  • determination; and
  • the will to win.

Participation in sport by members of the ADF must be safe and have an appropriate balance of challenge, risk, cost and benefit. The conduct of sport in the ADF must align with Defence values and be an efficient, effective and ethical use of public money.

Approval to Participate in Approved Sports

ADF staff can access a list of approved sports through the Defence Intranet.

A member's Commanding Officer (CO) can provide approval for participation in approved ADF or single-Service sports in a civilian club/competition.

Please complete the pro forma in Annex G of Defence Instruction (General) DI(G)) PERS 14-2 Australian Defence Policy on Sport (available on the Defence Intranet) and submit it to your CO for approval.

Approval to Participate in Non-Approved Sports

COs cannot authorise a member to participate in non-approved sports, though in exceptional circumstances COs may recommend to their single-Service headquarters that a member be permitted to participate in a non-approved sport.

An example may be the national selection of a member in a non-ADF sport (i.e. boxing, equestrian, martial arts). For more information, please liaise with your ROIC.

Applications are accompanied by a formal risk analysis and cost assessment. Because approval may commit the Commonwealth to liability for compensation costs, the risk involved from a member's participation must not be disproportionate to the potential benefit for the participant or the single Service.

Members of the ADF seeking to participate in sport outside of the ADF as paid employment, or on the basis of voluntary participation in off-duty hours, should read:

  • Defence Instruction (General) DI(G)) PERS 14-2 Australian Defence Policy on Sport; and
  • DI(G) PERS 25 - 2 Employment and Voluntary Activities of Australian Defence Force Members in Off-Duty Hours.

You can apply through UTW1 for CO's approval.