Can I go to Alice Springs for my Military Motivational Attachment?
Please be aware that, wherever possible, Military Motivational Attachments and also university and residency rotations should be undertaken in your own state or territory. We cannot justify expending funds for airfares and accommodation when the same experience can be obtained close to home.

Whenever you need to do a rotation or practical class for university away from home, in order to pay your allowances, we need:

Evidence from your university or hospital that this is a requirement for your studies, especially if your university or hospital specifies the location you must attend.

Evidence of what accommodation and facilities your university or hospital does or does not provide.

Can I go overseas to complete rotations or practical classes?
Generally speaking, no. It has implications for pay and allowances which the RAAF Undergraduate Scheme simply cannot accommodate.

Some members choose to apply for leave-without-pay in order to work or study overseas. Remember that this may affect your conditions of service. You advised to contact FIND to check what leave-without-pay would mean for you.

Please remember that leave-without-pay is not an entitlement and is not always approved. You should not base any plans on the assumption that it will be approved for you. Apply first, plan second!

What about once I have graduated?
Although you remain part of the RAAF Undergraduate Scheme for administration purposes, you are no longer sponsored by it. This means that purchase of equipment and software becomes your responsibility.

It also means that you become eligible to apply for the Defence Assisted Study Scheme (DASS). This scheme provides up to 75 per cent of fees for postgraduate study. You must apply by mid-April for semester 2 and by early October for semester 1. You can find out more about DASS through FIND or the ADFPC-C website.

What is CPMD?
The Continuing Professional Medical Development fund is available to Medical Officers only once they have obtained their degree. If you wish to investigate whether or not you are eligible for funds, you can ask your ROIC or UTW1 to access DI(G) PERS 05-17 and send you a copy.

Where do I get forms?
Any forms you need that are not on the RAAF Undergraduate Scheme forms page can be downloaded from Australian Defence Force Personnel Centre – Canberra (AFDPC-C).