HECS Reimbursement
As a RAAF Undergraduate Scheme sponsored student, you are entitled to HECS fee reimbursements according to your appointment letter. Please ensure your enrolment is as an up-front HECS paying student and inform your university that you are a sponsored student. Some universities will forward your HECs statements directly to the Under Training Workforce Cell but, if you receive an invoice, you should IMMEDIATELY send or fax it to UTW1.

If you do not send your invoice to UTW1 to be paid before the due date, we will only pay the discounted amount for up-front payment and you will be liable for the balance. If your university’s policies preclude them from forwarding invoices directly to the Under Training Workforce Cell, the responsibility lies with you to ensure that all HECS tax invoices (which detail your subjects studied, fees, due date for payment and the university’s BPAY details) and results are forwarded to the UTW1 promptly.

Note: Air Force is only liable to honour HECS costs from the date of your appointment unless stated otherwise in your letter of appointment. So, again, get your invoices into us as soon as possible to avoid having to pay any late fees.

University Results
At the completion of each year, you are required to forward a certified copy of your results to UTW1. Your pay increase will be effective from 1 January the following year or 1 July, depending on your completion date.

Note: You will not receive your pay increase or promotion until UTW1 receives your results!

On completion of your degree, you must provide a certified transcript which states that you have met the requirement for the granting of the appropriate academic award or a letter to this effect.

 Promotion and Pay
For pay and promotion purposes, should you complete your course:

prior to 1 September, you will be promoted with effect from the first of the month following the successful completion of your course
after 1 September, you will be promoted with effect from 1 January the following year.

Failure or Deferment of Studies
Students are responsible for providing UTW1 a copy of all examination results within 5 working days of their release.

If you fail an examination and are unable to progress to the next academic year, your appointment may be terminated.

When the failure can be proven to be caused through circumstances beyond the your control, Air Force may give approval for you to repeat the year at public expense.

In cases where additional sponsorship time requires ministerial approval, ie, total sponsored training will exceed four years, students will be required to agree to the extension of their appointment by the length of the extension to provide cover for a return-of-service obligation.

Alternatively, Air Force may grant a student leave-without-pay to enable the member to complete the year at their own expense.

Failure in Final Examinations
Undergraduates who fail their final exams and are required to repeat the final year will be subject to the conditions detailed above.

Undergraduates who fail a final exam but who subsequently pass a supplementary exam will be promoted with effect from the first of the month immediately following successful completion of the supplementary examination or 1 January.

Undergraduates who, through no fault of their own, are unable to sit their final exams, or who fail their final exams through circumstances beyond their control, and subsequently pass supplementary exams, may apply to Air Force for adjustment of their date of course completion. The date of course completion in such cases will be determined by reference to the date of notification by the relevant authority of the requirement to sit for a supplementary examination, as if it were the date of receipt of advice on completion of all of the requirements for the granting of the appropriate academic award. All applications must include supporting evidence from the tertiary institution.

Deferring Studies
If you are considering deferring your studies, you are to contact UTW1 immediately. Prior approval must be obtained. The Air Force will only continue to pay your salary in exceptional circumstances. Therefore, unless otherwise advised, all applications to defer studies are to be in accordance with the Defence Pay and Conditions Manual (PACMAN) Volume 1, Chapter 5, Part 8, Division 1 Leave Without Pay. You are required to submit an AD097 ADF Leave Application Form and a PE057 Standard Application Form outlining your reasons.

Extension of Sponsorship
If you are required to defer studies or you are required to repeat subjects due to failure, or for whatever reason will not complete your academic degree by the date specified on your appointment, you may apply for an Extension of Sponsorship. All requests for extensions of sponsorship are to be compiled on a PE057 Standard Application Form and are to be forwarded to UTW1 for recommendation. Please note that extensions are not generally approved, therefore, please ensure you are familiar with leave-without-pay implications and procedures.