University Fees
As a RAAF Undergraduate Scheme sponsored student, the following fees will be paid by the Air Force:

Compulsory course fees (HECS/HELP)
Compulsory student council and/or union fees.

Please note that although some universities send invoices directly to the Air Force for students studying under the RAAF Undergraduate Scheme, some universities forward invoices directly to individual students. If you receive an invoice from your university, you must forward it to UTW1 immediately so that prompt payment can be made. Late submission of invoices will mean that you pay any late payment penalty.

When you complete the HECS/HELP option forms at your university as part of your enrolment, you are to choose the up-front option. Please note that the Air Force is only liable to honour HECS/HELP costs from the date noted on your appointment letter.

Student contribution bands and ranges
Tables 3 below gives the ranges within which providers may set student contributions for units of study.

Table 3: Student contribution bands and ranges for students commencing on or after 1 January

Student contribution band Student contribution range (per EFTSL)
(For students commencing on or after 1 January)

Band 3
(Law, dentistry, medicine, veterinary science, accounting, administration, economics, commerce)

$0 – $8,667

Band 2
(Mathematics, statistics, computing, built environment, health, engineering, science, surveying, agriculture)

$0 – $7,412

Band 1
(Humanities, behavioural science, social studies, foreign languages, visual and performing arts)

$0 – $5,201

National priorities
(education, nursing)

$0 – $4,162

Pre-2008 students: For a 'pre-2008 student', the maximum student contribution amount per EFTSL post 2008 for a unit of study in accounting, administration, economics and commerce is the same as it would be had the Australian Government not raised the maximum. This is $7,412 (indexed for later years).

our salary is dependent on a number of variables:

current year of enrolment at university
level of postgraduate training
Salary rates are available on the Defence Pay and Conditions website. More detailed information can be found in the Pay and Conditions Manual (PACMAN), Volume 1, Chapter 3, Part 1, Annex 3.1 and Part 2.

The RAAF Pay Clerk at the ADF Personnel Centre - Canberra (ADFPC-C) can be contacted for salary-related queries on (02) 6266 4842.

For salary queries relating to postgraduate training, refer to the Postgraduate Training page of this website.

Salary Packaging
Flexible remuneration packaging or salary packaging is an Australian Taxation Office-approved means of restructuring your income. You restructure the way you are paid by choosing to take your salary as a combination of cash and approved benefits. The benefits are paid for out of your pre-tax salary and the cash component is taxed and paid to you in the normal way.

Further information is available from Smart Salary, the Defence salary packaging provider.

The Air Force will only reimburse undergraduates for essential/mandatory textbooks. Only those books prescribed as essential in the course handbook will qualify for reimbursement. All requests for reimbursements are to be submitted on form UG001 Request for Reimbursement and must contain the following evidence:

Booklist from the university showing essential/mandatory textbooks for the prescribed subject
Original receipts showing proof of payment
Form UG002 Reimbursement List outlining texts, associated subjects and costs.
Keep a copy of any forms and receipts you send to us, just in case they are lost in the mail.

If the textbook list distributed by the university does not list the textbook as required, you will need to provide a written statement from your faculty head explaining that the texts are essential for your study.

Note: When an undergraduate repeats a year of study, they are not entitled to reimbursement for textbooks for which they were previously paid.

Registration to Professional Bodies
Registration to professional bodies that is required in order to practice will be paid. For example, fees to have your name on the Nurses’ Registration Board in your state are paid. Union fees will not be reimbursed.

The RAAF Undergraduate Scheme does not reimburse members for equipment.

If you can demonstrate that the equipment is necessary for your studies, the scheme will pay for it BUT this means that Air Force retains ownership of the equipment and you are obliged to return it when you finish your studies. Therefore, most members choose to purchase their own equipment and claim it as an expense against their tax.

However, if you choose the former option and want Air Force to pay for equipment, you are advised to seek at least 2 quotations and submit these for pre-purchase approval, along with proof that the equipment is essential.

Please be aware that we will only cover reasonable expenses, that is, Air Force will purchase equipment that is adequate for the intended purpose. This might mean that the stethoscope or otoscope that Air Force supplies may not have all the ‘bells and whistles’ that the one you would purchase yourself may have.

Similar conditions apply to software as to the supply of equipment. You must demonstrate that the software is necessary for your studies and that your university does not provide it.

You should contact your ROIC to check if the software can be sourced through Defence IT. If it cannot and only if it cannot, Air Force will only cover reasonable expenses. You are advised to seek at least 2 quotations for the software and submit these for pre-purchase approval, along with proof that the software is essential.

Thesis / Final Project Preparation
As with equipment and software, reimbursements will only be made for costs associated with typing and binding a final thesis or project where the university course handbook has outlined their necessity as part of the course. Applications for reimbursement are to be submitted on form UG001 Request for Reimbursement and forwarded to UTW1.

Consumables Are Not Covered
Costs are not recoverable for the following consumable items:

computer paper
computer disks etc
computer hardware lease or rental.
As a RAAF Undergraduate Scheme sponsored student, you have a number of housing options available to you. However, it is important to remember that, where feasible, the expectation is that you will utilise living-in accommodation in the first instance.

For more information, see Defence Pay and Conditions or Defence Housing Australia.

Living-in Accommodation
On-base accommodation, or living-in accommodation, is provided by the Air Force for members without dependants. A contribution for this accommodation and utilities is deducted from your pay. Contact your ROIC for the contact details of your pay section. If you have not submitted a live-in/out form, you will be charged to live-in regardless.

Married Quarters
If you are married, and you don’t own your own home in the location where you are living, married quarters are generally provided by the Defence Housing Australia to accommodate members with families and single members with recognised dependants. If no suitable married quarters exist in your area, then Defence Housing Australia may approve Rent Allowance (RA). Rent for the married quarter is also deducted from your pay. Contact your pay section for the current fortnightly rate or visit Defence Pay and Conditions for the updated Rent Allowance and Group Rent Scheme rates.

Rent Allowance (RA)
As well as the circumstances listed above, a member may be entitled to Rent Allowance if suitable Service accommodation is not available. Contact your ROIC or UTW1 for advice.

Home Purchase Assistance
Members may also be entitled to assistance with the costs associated with purchasing or selling their home. Contact Defence Housing Australia or FIND (Family Information Network for Defence) for advice.

Individuals that newly appoint to the UGRAD scheme are not eligible to removal entitlements as per PACMAN 9.2.11: For your reference.

Travel for first removal after entry into Service

A member may be entitled to travel at Commonwealth expense on their first removal after they enter the Service. To qualify, all these conditions must be met.

They have completed initial recruit and employment training after enlistment, appointment or re-entry. They become eligible for the first removal after entry, and they have been granted short absence for removal purposes.

Advice about Allowances and Entitlements
It is always advisable to keep a regular check on your pay.

Many newly appointed, and even some ‘old timers’, have noticed that they are being charged to live in when they do not. This happens if you do not put in a form seeking permission from your CO to live out (AA 157). The pay office will automatically deduct living-in charges unless you submit this form to UTW1. The Orderly Room will then notify the pay office that permission has been granted to live out.

Please appreciate that it is impossible for UGRADS staff to be cognisant of every allowance offered by the ADF. Consequently, we cannot advise individuals on allowances (other than those that are applicable to all RAAF Undergraduates), or how allowances may affect your pay or circumstances. To this end, we supply every member with a copy of the Pay and Conditions Manual on CD so that you can look up the regulations and provisions. We also advise you to contact FIND on 1800 020 031 whenever you have questions about allowances or your pay and conditions. They are the experts and will research your questions with regard to your circumstances. We encourage you to make use of their expertise.