Welcome to Air Force Chaplaincy!

I invite you to join with us in browsing these pages as much as you desire. One of the greatest blessings that Air Force Chaplains enjoy is the opportunity to work and live with Air Force Members from all walks of life. Together we learn and explore what it means to live our best, and to live out the highest values of the Australian People expressed through Air Force values, recognising that your traditions may not be parallel with the traditions here expressed.

I believe we are blessed with one of the most capable Chaplaincy teams of any Defence Force across our world. As you browse these pages, may you be warmed by what you read, and should you wish, I invite you to contact us through the Defence Switch on 1300 333 362 and ask to speak with an Air Force Chaplain near you, or email raafchaplains [at] defence.gov.au. God bless.