Chaplains in the Air Force are professionally trained and spiritually adept.

Air Force Chaplaincy is a ministry and vocation focused on ensuring that all personnel and their families, be they ‘religious/spiritual’ or not, have the opportunity to be provided with pastoral care and support in their unique service to the Australian Defence Force (ADF). 

In a pluralistic environment that sees men and women from all walks of life serving to sustain the defence of our nation, Chaplains offer an effective, professionally trained and supported ministry and presence in this community.

Chaplains live with the same cultural challenges common to the Defence family, coming from a varied background of faith and experience. Through serving in the Air Force, Chaplains further gain a wealth of life and ministry experience and wisdom, enabling effective help in many ways. 

Chaplains are strongly encouraged and supported in growing their own ‘spiritual life’ through connection with their own faith group, through spiritual disciplines, a significant prayer life, spiritual direction, professional supervision, mentoring, training, and attendance at annual retreats, conferences and seminars.

Thus spiritually adept, Chaplains are ready to minister to Air Force personnel through care, advocacy, support, relational leadership, mental health support, understanding, and a sound listening ear. Chaplains understand the importance of grace and forgiveness, and bring refreshing relief and hope in sometimes adverse circumstances.