The aircraft display hangar at RAAF Museum, Point Cook.

Aircraft in storage

One of the major challenges we face is the requirement to store all of the items in our large collection, including aircraft.

Not all of the Museum's aircraft can be on display at the same time.

Some are in storage or are undergoing restoration.

Please note that tours of the Museum's Reserve Collection and storage areas are not available.


For those aircraft that are not on display, it's often more efficient to disassemble them slightly to maximise available space.

We design and construct storage stands to hold aircraft and major components.

These prevent damage and make handling large objects much easier.

Display stands

You might notice that aircraft in the Museum are raised from the ground.

Because of the nature of static display, wheels and tyres of our aircraft need to be slightly elevated. This ensures their lifespan is maximised.

For some of our aircraft, new tyres are not available anymore. In these cases protecting their existing tyres is vital.

Museum volunteers have designed and built a selection of stands for our static display aircraft. We have simple stands for light aircraft such as the Tiger Moth and Avro 504K, through to self-elevating masterpieces capable of supporting the 16-tonne weight of the F-4 Phantom.

As each aircraft has very different requirements, each set of stands is custom-designed. Our team is currently working through all of the aircraft on display.