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Catalina wings

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At present, the outer wing panels of the Museum's Catalina aircraft are under restoration in our General Engineering Section. After outdoors storage for many years prior to being acquired by the RAAF Museum, these wing sections suffered considerable damage via corrosion, in addition to having been modified for the aircraft's geological survey role. As a result, the Museum has been returning the aircraft to the military specification in keeping with a World War II Catalina of the RAAF, and has repaired or replaced outer skins as required to treat corrosion. Following the completion of this work, attention will shift to the centre section of the wings, where some work is required to complete the conversion from R2600 engines to R1830s that was done at RAAF Base Amberley.

General Engineering Section activities

The RAAF Museum's General Engineering Section (GES) has the sheet metal, welding, milling and turning equipment used to support Museum activities. Because of the wide variety of equipment that we have available, the Museum is generally able to create most of the items that we need for restorations and display purposes. At present, our staff and volunteers have a number of projects underway in GES.

Aircraft Storage and Handling Equipment

One of the major challenges facing the Museum is the requirement to store all of the items in the collection, including aircraft   more..

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Display Aircraft Stands

Because of the nature of static display, wheels and tyres of the Museum's aircraft require slight elevation to ensure their lifespan is maximised   more..

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Paint Shop

When the RAAF Museum moved in to the engineering facilities of No 1 Flying Training School in 1993, it was fortunate enough to inherit that unit's Paint Shop.   more..

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Avro 707A WD280

As part of the V-Bomber project to supply a new fleet of strategic bombers for the Royal Air Force, each competing manufacturer was required to build a 1/3-scale model for flight testing. The Avro 707 was   more..

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Registration Department

The RAAF Museum's Registration Department is responsible for the estimated 400 000 objects in the RAAF Historic Collection. Our Registration Staff process donations   more..

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Aircraft in Storage

Not all of the aircraft at the RAAF Museum are on display, some are in storage or are undergoing restoration.   more..

Rocket Scientists

Along with Bloodhound missiles displayed in the RAAF Museum's Technology Hangar and on exterior display, another component of this weapons system is the reload trailer.   more..

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