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No 486 Maintenace Squadron

Strength and Achievement


26 August 1946– formed at Schofields, NSW
22 June 1949- moved to RAAF Richmond, NSW
20 April 1954– moved to Canberra, ACT
29 August 1958– moved to RAAF Richmond
3 August 1964– Squadron disbanded
28 March 1966– reformed at RAAF Richmond
November 1994– based at RAAF Richmond, NSW


486 Maintenance Squadron was formed at Schofields, New South Wales, on 26 August 1946 with an establishment of 10 officers and 247 other ranks under the command of Wing Commander A.J. Abicair.

On 22 June 1949 the unit moved to RAAF Richmond. During the 1950s the Squadron maintained Dakota aircraft, undertaking engine changes, engine overhauls and installation of long range fuel tanks, spraying equipment and electrical power in aircraft. Some Wirraway aircraft were also overhauled. On 22 August 1951, a Canberra bomber arrived and the unit was stood down to attend the taking over of the bomber.

On 20 April 1954 the Squadron moved to Canberra and became responsible for servicing of two Convair Metropolitan aircraft in addition to the Dakotas. On 29 August 1958 the Squadron returned to RAAF Richmond in preparation for the arrival of the new C-130A Hercules.

On 3 August 1964 the Squadron was officially disbanded –– personnel, quipment and technical records were equitably distributed between 36 and 38 Squadrons. On 28 March 1966, 486 Squadron was reformed under Squadron Leader C.M. Bevan at RAAF Richmond.

On Christmas Eve 1974 Cyclone Tracy struck Darwin and from then until New Year's Eve a maximum effort by Squadron personnel pushed 19 C-130s into the air bound for Darwin.

The 40th Anniversary of the Squadron was held on 26 August 1986 and in October 1988 RAAF Base Richmond hosted the Australian Bicentennial Air Show. 496 Squadron was given the task of supervising, coordinating and assisting tarmac movements and Squadron personnel found themselves servicing aircraft never seen before in Australia.

In the later years of the Squadron's history its role has been to undertake all C-130 Hercules aircraft servicing up to Depot Level Maintenance, as well as Boeing 707 aircraft servicing including flight simulators and all supporting ground service equipment. The Squadron still operates at RAAF Base Richmond.


13 August 1943- Squadron Leader C.F. Thompson
10 May 1944– Squadron Leader L.M. Hurt
21 July 1944– Squadron Leader P.J. McMahon
19 May 1945– Squadron Leader R.M. Seymour
31 January 1946– Squadron Leader A.R. Emslie
22 August 1946 – Wing Commander A.J. Abicair
1 December 1949 – Squadron Leader F.M. Timms
10 July 1950 – Flight Lieutenant F.T.J. Sellars
14 August 1951 – Squadron Leader J. White
19 March 1956 – Squadron Leader G.S. Smyth
27 October 1958 – Wing Commander G.F. De La Rue
9 January 1961 – Wing Commander F.A. Cousins
1 March 1961 – Wing Commander C.J. Leopold
28 March 1966 – Squadron Leader C.M. Bevan
6 February 1967 – Wing Commander J.C. Kane
August 1967 – Wing Commander E.R. McGeehan
17 February 1969 – Wing Commander E. Harrison
13 April 1970 – Wing Commander C.M. Bevan
15 January 1973 – Wing Commander E.J. Bushell
17 December 1974 – Wing Commander T.J. McGee
5 January 1977 – Wing Commander R.A. Budd
4 January 1979 – Wing Commander E.B. Watson
November 1981 – Wing Commander N.J. Conn
June 1984 – Wing Commander K.A. Pratt
January 1987 – Wing Commander E. Brown
October 1988 – Wing Commander R. Pryke
January 1992 – Wing Commander T.A. Roediger

Vincent, D., Catalina Chronicle, Highbury, SA, 1981.

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