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No 7 Squadron

Formed in England in the last year of World War I, No 7 Squadron was responsible for training reconnaissance aircrew for No 3 Squadron.

World War II saw No 7 Squadron Hudsons flying anti-submarine patrols and convoy escorts off Australia's east coast. After being re-equipped with Beauforts, No 7 Squadron moved to the Northern Territory, from where it conducted patrols over Australia's northern waters. Although these patrols were generally uneventful, squadron histories during this period record a successful attack on a Japanese submarine as well as the destruction of a number of Japanese "Jake" float planes.

After moving to New Guinea in October 1944, No 7 Squadron began attacks against Japanese positions as well as ferrying supplies to remote Australian forces.

In November 1944, No 7 Squadron Beauforts participated in the rescue of an American aircrew trapped behind Japanese lines. The squadron provided cover for a Catalina flying boat and performed its role of suppressing enemy fire so effectively that the crew was rescued without a single enemy shot being directed at them.

No 7 Squadron flew its last mission of the war on the 15 August 1945 when, hours before Japan's surrender, twelve aircraft struck targets in the Maprik area.

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