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No 8 Squadron

No 8 Squadron formed in England in October 1917 to train pilots for Australian Flying Corps squadrons on the Western Front.

The day of Japan's entry to World War II found No 8 Squadron in the process of relocating to Kuantan, Malaya. Twelve Hudsons were immediately dispatched to attack the Japanese invasion forces at Kota Bahru and, despite strong fighter opposition and anti-aircraft fire, made effective attacks against Japanese troops and landing barges.

After firmly establishing their bridgehead, Japanese aircraft destroyed the base at Kuantan, forcing No 8 Squadron to withdraw to Singapore.

On 27 January 1942, No 8 Squadron moved to Java where it continued to conduct vital reconnaissance and attack missions even after the Japanese invaded the island. With aircraft numbers dwindling, No 8 Squadron was evacuated to Australia at the end of February. In March 1943, the squadron was re-equipped with Australian-built Beauforts and moved to Goodenough Island where it began torpedo operations in addition to its bombing roles.

No 8 Squadron later operated from bases in Nadzab and Tadji, where the Beauforts supported the Australian offensive against Wewak. After the Japanese surrender, No 8 Squadron remained at Tadji until its disbandment in January 1946.

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