CL604 Challenger

Air Force has a fleet of three CL604 Challenger aircraft, which were introduced in 2002. They are part of the Special Purpose Aircraft fleet, operated by No. 34 Squadron from Defence Establishment Fairbairn in the Australian Capital Territory.

The CL604 complements the larger Boeing Business Jets, also operated by No. 34 Squadron, which provide transport for the Australian government. It offers an adaptive and short-notice means of reaching constituents and wider communities, and can access regional airfields within Australia and the immediate Asia-Pacific region which are not possible via commercial aircraft.

About the Aircraft

The CL604 Challenger has a crew of three (pilot, co-pilot and attendant) and can carry up to nine passengers.

It has a speed of 870 km/h during normal operations, and a range of up to 5600 km.

The aircraft is a derivative of the Challenger 600, which has been progressively updated to improve range, performance and reliability. The CL604 is fitted with a high-tech wing, high bypass CF34-3B engines, and a Collins ProLine 4 ‘glass cockpit'.


Manufacturer Bombardier
Role VIP transport
Crew Two pilots and one crew attendant
Engine Two General Electric CF34-3B turbofans (9,220lbs thrust each)
Airframe Length: 20.9 m height: 6.3 m
Wingspan 19.61 m
Weight 21,863 kg (max takeoff), 17,236kg (max landing)
Cruise Speed 870 km/h
Range 5,600km (with max fuel and reserves)
Ceiling 41,000 feet
Capacity 9 passengers