The Bushmaster is a 4WD (constant) on and off-road vehicle designed to transport 10 troops, including a driver, with their weapons and equipment. The Bushmaster itself can be transported by road, rail or air.

The hull is a fully welded monocoque structure made from steel armoured plate. Internally, there are two square hatches and a gun ring with hatch fitted in the roof, and a single access door at the rear of the vehicle. Externally, two mounting points for quick-connect swing arm gun mounts are fitted to the roof, which are accessed through the rear roof hatches.

The powertrain consists of a Caterpillar diesel engine coupled to a ZF six-speed automatic transmission.

The vehicle is fitted with a Central Tyre Inflation System which allows manual or automatic control of tyre pressure based on terrain and vehicle speed, to reduce the likelihood of tyre damage.

Bushmasters Specifications

Manufacturer Thales
Role Protected vehicle
Crew 10 Airfield Defence Guards, including a driver
Engine 7.2 Litre in-line 6 Cylinder Caterpillar 3126E Turbo Charged Diesel
Weight Up to 15,000 kg
Size Length 7.1 m, width 2.3 m, height 3.25 m
Range 800 km
Speed 100 km/h
Weapons Capable of mounting 5.56 mm LSW and 7.62 mm MAG 58 machine gun