RAAF Base Tindal aircraft noise

Noise mitigation

Noise abatement procedures and strategies for RAAF Base Tindal are outlined in the RAAF Base Tindal Aircraft Noise Management Plan.


RAAF Base Tindal Aircraft Noise Management Plan (PDF 873.31 KB)


Additionally, night flying by military fast jet aircraft is minimised, although military aircraft can take off and land at any time. All low-flying operations are contained within the Delamere Air Weapons Range area of operations and over local terrain.

Flying schedule

The following generate flying activity:

  • Exercise Pitch Black is held every 2 years in airspace over Bradshaw Field Training Area and the Delamere Air Training Area.
  • Exercises Diamond Storm and Talisman Sabre are training activities held every 2 years held between May and July and include flying training.

Flying areas

The map below identifies the flying areas utilised by RAAF Base Tindal.