RMAF Base Butterworth

The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Base Butterworth is situated on the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia, in the Malaysian State of Penang and eight kilometres east of its capital, George Town.

The base is an Air Force Station of the RMAF, and headquarters of the Five Power Defence Arrangements Integrated Area Defence System (HQIADS).

The following are based at RMAF Base Butterworth.

  • No 19 Squadron (19SQN)
  • No 92 Wing Detachment Alpha (92WG Det A)
  • 2nd/30th Training Group (Australian Army)
  • Joint Health Command (Butterworth Clinic)
  • Australian Defence Force Investigative Service (Joint Investigation Office Butterworth)

Since its formation in 1921, Air Force has frequently had units based overseas on operational deployments. However, it has only once operated a permanent major air base outside Australia as it does at Butterworth.

Aircraft noise

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