Sir Richard Williams

Richard Williams is the most significant figure in the history of the Royal Australian Air Force.

World War I

The First World War began when Britain and Germany went to war in August 1914.

World War II

Australia's involvement in the Second World War was announced on 3 September 1939.

South East Asia conflicts

The official history of Australia's involvement in South East Asia conflicts from 1948 to 1975.

Korean Conflict

77 Squadron was praised for its skill and courage in thousands of flights made during the war.

Vietnam War

Australia's military involvement in the Vietnam War was the longest in Australia's history.

Iraq, Afghanistan and East Timor

Official Histories for Iraq, Afghanistan and East Timor.


Australia has had peacekeepers in the field with the United Nations for over 50 years.

Famous Airmen

The Air Force takes great pride in cultivating highly skilled and capable airmen and women.

Women in the Air Force

Women's Auxiliary Australian Air Force (WAAAF) and Women's Royal Australian Air Force (WRAAF).