Arrival of No 9 Squadron in Vietnam

12 Jun 1966

On 12 June 1966 No 9 Squadron arrived at Vung Tau, Vietnam. The Squadron was equipped with UH-1 Iroquois helicopters affectionately known as the ‘Huey’.

The Iroquois is inextricably linked with the Vietnam war and it is interesting to learn that RAAF rotary wing operations in Vietnam saw constant improvement.

When No 9 Squadron was first deployed to Vietnam in 1966 they had the ability to airlift a maximum of 40 troops into or out of a secure landing zone. However, this was dependent upon the availability of their eight aircraft, the aircrew and of course the weather.

When the squadron was deployed again in 1971 they were capable of conducting a ‘company plus’ airlift into, or out of, a contested landing zone whilst providing gunship and casualty evacuation support to the operation. This could be achieved at short notice, in marginal weather conditions and across a range of terrain types.

To read more about RAAF rotary wing operations in Vietnam download the article ‘RAAF Helicopter Operations in Vietnam’ by Mr Martin James.

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