Formation of Nos 21 and 22 Squadrons

20 Apr 1936

Nos 21 and 22 Squadrons were raised as ‘Cadre’ units at Laverton, Victoria and Richmond, NSW respectively, notionally ending the arrangement where permanent and Citizen Air Force (CAF) personnel served together in ‘composite’ flying units. In reality, however, the new CAF squadrons still retained a significant core of permanent staff. The real difference was that Nos 1 and 3 Squadrons (also based at Laverton and Richmond) now became fully permanent–No 1 as a fighter/bomber and No 3 as an Army cooperation unit—although both were initially short of aircraft and personnel. Two months later, on 1 July, the new CAF units changed their title by adding the name of the capital city on which they were based, becoming No 21 (City of Melbourne) Squadron and No 22 (City of Sydney) Squadron. Later, other units with the ‘20’ prefix were raised for Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

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