No 77 Squadron enters into active operational duties equipped with jet aircraft

29 Jul 1951

When No 77 Squadron entered the Korean War, it was operating propeller-driven Mustang aircraft, which soon proved to be inferior to the Communist’s jet-powered MiG-15s. In response, the squadron was re-equipped with Gloster Meteor jet aircraft.

On 29 July 1951 No 77 Squadron made history in the annals of the RAAF, by being the first squadron equipped with jet aircraft to enter into active operational duties. Sixteen sorties were flown led by Squadron Leader Cresswell comprising two flights of eight aircraft each engaged on a fighter sweep parallel to the Yalu River in the region of Sonch’on and Chongju. The aircraft remained in the area at a height of 30,000 ft to 33,000 ft for 30 minutes and although enemy MiG-15’s were reputedly in the area at the same time, no sightings were observed.

To learn more see Meteors vs MiGs by Dr David Wilson.

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