Operation Trimdon

29 Apr 1965

When the Australian Government announced its decision to commit an infantry battalion for ground combat service in the Vietnam War on 29 April 1965 the Navy and Air Force were also given notice to move. The First Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (1RAR), consisting of a troop of armoured carriers and logistic supply company, along with elements of its Support and Administration companies, vehicles, equipment and supply, were transported to Vietnam upon HMAS Sydney (III). The Royal Australian Air Force’s (RAAF) No 10 and No 11 Squadrons were deployed to what was named ‘Operation Trimdon’. Their role was to ensure safe passage of 1RAR and the crew of HMAS Sydney. The RAAF provided continuous air support throughout the operation which was executed on time and without incident.

To read more about ‘Operation Trimdon’ and the RAAFs maritime role during the Vietnam War download the article ‘RAAF Neptunes and the Vietnam War’ by SQNLDR David Burns.

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