Use and purchase of Air Force ensign

The Air Force Ensign is flown on all RAAF Bases and establishments, with ceremonial protocols for how it is raised and lowered.

It may also be:

  • carried as part of a ceremonial parade;
  • used to cover the coffin at an Air Force military funeral or the funeral of a retired member; and
  • used by service-related organisations (such as the RAAF Association and RSL sub-branches) at Anzac Day parades and Remembrance Day services.

The RAAF Ensign is not to be used for commercial or other profit-making purposes without the consent of Air Force Headquarters.

The manufacture, purchase and use of the Air Force Ensign is strictly controlled. The Air Force does not donate Ensigns to individuals, organisations or businesses. However, service-related organisations and funeral directors may apply to Air Force Headquarters for permission to purchase an Ensign. If approved, guidelines for use will be provided with a certificate of authority.

For permission, please send a written application with your contact details to:

Air Force Headquarters



Russell Offices

Canberra ACT 2600