Religious and ethnic diversity

Air Force is proud to have a diverse workforce and continues to develop strategies to increase ethnic diversity. The diversity of RAAF personnel mirrors the multicultural Australian modern society.

The Air Force uniform creates a sense of belonging and pride for Air Force members. The uniform has options of turbans for members of the Sikh faith and hijabs for members of the Muslim faith. Options for Physical Training (PT) attire to adhere to religious requirements are also supported.

Air Force Chaplains are recognised representatives from various churches and faith groups. They ensure that all personnel and their families have access to pastoral care and support. The Chaplains are well placed to meet rapidly changing environments and engaging members in their own space.

The Religious Advisory Committee to the Services (RACS) group guides the Defence policy on ADF religious ministry. It has representation from various faiths and denominations, they are:-

  • affiliated Protestant Churches (Australian Christian Church, Baptist, Churches of Christ, Lutheran, Salvation Army, and Seventh Day Adventist)     
  • Anglican     
  • Buddhism    
  • Hindu    
  • Jewish    
  • Mormon    
  • Muslim    
  • Presbyterian    
  • Roman Catholic    
  • Sikh    
  • Uniting Church  

It is important to attract and recruit people that represent the diverse Australian population. It ensures that Air Force is getting the best talent that Australia can provide.