One team - swift, decisive, resilient and respected

Built on the proud history and traditions of the Australian Flying Corps and the Royal Australian Air Force, we will fight and win by generating integrated kinetic and non-kinetic air and space effects across the sea, land, air, space and cyber operating domains.

  • Air Force provides immediate and responsive military options across the spectrum of operations as part of a Whole of Government joint or coalition response, either from Australia or deployed overseas. We do this through the key air power roles - control of the air; precision strike; intelligence, surveillance and response; and air mobility - enabled by combat and operational support.
  • We exploit the air power characteristics of persistent and precision effect, flexibility, perspective, reach, penetration, versatility and responsiveness.
  • We are leaders in: command and control of air and space operations; intelligence, surveillance and response; and targeting.
  • Our trusted and respected leadership and professional mastery of air power is a product of attracting, training, educating and rewarding Australia's best people.
  • We are the leaders for strategic, operational, tactical, technical and logistic management of Australia's military aviation capability.
  • Through efficient management of Air Force operations and business, we will continue to provide responsive military options to the Government of Australia for the defence of Australia and her interests.