737 Boeing Business Jet

Air Force has a fleet of two Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) aircraft, which were introduced in 2002. They are part of the Special Purpose Aircraft fleet, operated by No. 34 Squadron from Defence Establishment Fairbairn in the Australian Capital Territory.

The BBJs provide an agile transport capability that can carry Government and staff within Australia and overseas. The aircraft has seating, a meeting room, working space, and communications facilities.

The BBJ has a crew of up to six (pilot, co-pilot, and up to four crew attendants) and is capable of carrying up to 30 passengers. The BBJ complements the smaller Dassault Falcon 7X also operated by No. 34 Squadron.

The BBJ combines the fuselage of the Boeing 737-700 commercial airliner, with a strengthened rear section. It has the centre-section, wing and landing gear of a 737-800. Winglets are standard, affording a 5 to 7 per cent reduction in cruise drag, and a 4 to 5 per cent increase in range, which allows the aircraft to fly directly from Canberra to Hong Kong or Tokyo.

Manufacturer Boeing
Role Special purpose aircraft
  • Two pilots¬†
  • Up to 4 crew attendants
Length 33.6m
Height 12.5m
Wingspan 35.8m
  • 77,565kg (max take-off)¬†
  • 60,781kg (max landing)
Engines Two CFM International CFM56-7 turbofans (27,300 lbs each)
Range 11,390km
Ceiling 41,000 feet
Speed 850km/h normal operations
Capacity Seats 30 passengers