EA-18G Growler

The EA-18G Growler is an electronic attack aircraft. It is capable of disrupting, deceiving or denying a broad range of military electronic systems, including radars and communications.

Growlers can support a wide range of Defence tasks and help to reduce risk and improve situational awareness. It provides a complementary capability to the F/A-18F Super Hornet and the F-35A Joint Strike Fighter aircraft.

12 Growlers are controlled by No. 6 Squadron based at RAAF Base Amberley and operate alongside air, land and sea forces. Initial Operational Capability (IOC) was declared in April 2019.


  • Pilot 
  • Electronic Warfare Officer
Length 18.3 m
Height 4.9 m
Wing span 13.7 m
Weight 15,011 kg (empty)
Engines Two F414-GE-400 turbofans (44,000 lbs thrust each)
Range 1,570 km (fully armed with external fuel tanks)
Ceiling 50,000 feet
Max speed 1,960 km/h (Mach 1.6)
  • ALQ-99 Low and High band jamming pods 
  • Electro-magnetic spectrum dominance 
  • Enhanced Situational Awareness and Networking
  • AGM-88 Anti-Radiation Missiles
  • AIM-120 Air-to-air missiles
  • AIM-9X “Sidewinder” Short Range Air-to-Air Missile