FLTLT Nathan Stankevicius from the Roulettes of Central Flying School, team of 2022.
Flight Lieutenant Nathan Stankevicius, 36, grew up in Brisbane, QLD. The son of an F-111 navigator, he was fascinated with all things aviation from as early as he can remember. During his final year of High School, Nathan applied to become a Defence Force Pilot. It was not to be. With a previously undetected eye issue, Nathan was told he’d never be a military pilot. Though upset, this didn’t deter him from pursuing a career in aviation.
Nathan went on to complete his Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering at Queensland University of Technology and working in the industry before meeting with a surgeon who’d change his life forever. Despite previous doctors insisting that surgery would not work, Nathan found a surgeon who was confident enough to operate. The operation was a success and 8 years after first applying, Nathan began his training as an Air Force officer at Officers Training School.
After graduating Pilots’ Course in 2012, Nathan flew the King Air 350, captaining all manner of flights from VIP travel to Air Combat Officer and Aviation Warfare Officer student training.
In 2017, Nathan graduated as a Qualified Flying Instructor and spent the next 2 years with the rewarding task of training pilots at No. 2 Flying Training School and then flying instructors at Central Flying School where he’s been since 2020. This is Nathan’s third Roulette season and his first as Roulette 6.
Outside of work, Nathan enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, especially on the ski slopes, as well as pursuing his other passions of software development and video editing.