RAAF to conduct survival training at Nelson Bay

The training will include water-based drills at Shoal Bay and land-based drills at Mt Tomaree.

Survival training simulates two aspects of survival continuation that may be experienced by Air Force aircrew and is conducted collaboratively by Air Force, Marine Rescue Port Stephens and CHC Helicopters Australia.

At sea, the exercise gives aviators the chance to try out an inflatable 11-person Winslow life raft, open-water marine rescue vessel and individual winching by a search and rescue helicopter. On land, they will seek higher ground by climbing Mt Tomaree to practise using heliographs, laser flares and give rescue coordinates using radio communication.

Flying schedule

  • Air Force‚Äôs No. 2 Squadron will conduct survival continuation training within the Nelson Bay NSW region to gain greater proficiency and increase their practical application of survival skills.