Transport, traffic and parking

Transport and parking

  • Arrival and departure to/from RAAF Base Amberley needs to be via vehicle – private, taxi or ride-share
  • There are no public transport options available, all the proposed options were assessed as non-viable or cost-prohibitive.
  • Please expect significant increase in travel times and traffic queues. There may be over an hour extra driving time. With an event of this nature, noting the road infrastructure of the surrounding areas, this is unavoidable.
  • Roads surrounding RAAF Base Amberley will have speed restrictions during the event. Traffic controllers will be able to assist motorists with changed traffic conditions in addition to helping local residents and businesses to access their properties.
  • Free parking will be available in temporary carparks at RAAF Amberley for ticket holders only – including Disabled and Ride Share drop-off/pick up.
  • Variable Message Signs will provide updated traffic information and directions to the designated parking areas.
  • Walk-ins will not be permitted for safety and security reasons.

Route and Parking areas map

Route and parking areas map (PDF 2.17 MB)

Driving routes

  • The main arrival routes are
    • via the Cunningham Highway and Southern Amberley Road to enter via the RAAF Base Amberley ‘Front Gate’, or
    • via Ipswich West and Behms Road to enter via the RAAF Base Amberley ‘Back Gate’.
  • Please note there will be no public access via the Rosewood Road Gate or ‘Contractors Gate’.
  • Taxi and ride-share drop-off and pick-up is at the Front Gate only. There will be shuttle bus transfers to and from the main event area.

Traffic changes around RAAF Base Amberley for Air Tattoo

Over the weekend of 29 and 30 October, there will be changed traffic conditions and an increase in the volume of traffic around RAAF Base Amberley for the Ipswich Amberley Air Tattoo (Air Tattoo). 

Due to the anticipated volume of vehicle traffic over the event weekend, Defence and Council are working with a traffic management company, Queensland Police, and Transport and Main Roads to keep disruptions to a minimum for residents and businesses surrounding the base and members of the public attending the event.

Changes to traffic conditions heading to and from RAAF Base Amberley for the Air Tattoo will include an increase in traffic on Old Toowoomba Road and Behms Road by ticket holders coming from the Ipswich area, and an increase in traffic on the Cunningham Highway for ticket holders driving to enter a car park via Southern Amberley Road.

Two way traffic flows will be maintained on roads at all times.

Residents in suburbs surrounding the base should allow additional time to travel during the weekend. Traffic controllers will attempt to assist local residents and businesses in accessing their properties during the event.

Residents and businesses around the base may also notice an increase in aircraft noise leading up to the Air Tattoo. Fast jets aircraft will be conducting low level display practices above RAAF Base Amberley from 10 October through to 28 October. From 17 October, aircraft will start arriving at the base for the Air Tattoo, and will depart to return to their home locations from 1 to 4 November. The flying program over the weekend of 29 and 30 October is from 10am to 12:30pm and 1:30pm to 4pm. Flying is subject to change, including short notice cancellation due to variables such as air traffic control requirements, weather and operational availability.

Defence and the Council appreciate the community’s support for staging the Air Tattoo.