Military fast jet operations at RAAF Base East Sale

This is part of a series of flying activities adopted in the short term to address restrictions around departures for the F-35A Lightning II aircraft while a $115 million works program is underway at RAAF Base Williamtown. 

The $115 million program is for reconstruction and essential maintenance of aircraft pavements, airfield lighting and drainage; including $66 million to strengthen the runway and taxiways to support larger commercial aircraft operations from Newcastle airport as announced by the Government in May 2021. 

F-35A squadrons need to conduct essential air combat training to ensure operational preparedness, currency and proficiency objectives are met. The route to RAAF Base East Sale will include flying over New South Wales and Tasmania.

Flying is subject to change, including short notice cancellation, due to variables such as air traffic control requirements, weather, and operational availability. 

Noise reduction and the environment are vital considerations in the planning and conduct of military flying.  

Further information about the F-35A Lightning II aircraft can be found on our Aircraft page 

Imagery of the F-35A Lightning II is available on the Defence Image Gallery.

For more information, visit the Defence Aircraft Noise website or call 1300 DEFENCE (1300 333 362).

Flying schedule

  • Up to Four F-35A Royal Australian Air Force Lightning II aircraft from RAAF Base Williamtown will land at RAAF Base East Sale
  • Arriving at approximately 9.00am, departing 11.00am on both days