Air and Space Capability
In recognition of the significant changes needed to position Air Force for the future in a fast paced and rapidly changing environment, a new position was established in Air Force Headquarters in 2019. The Head of Air Force Capability (HAC) reports directly to the Chief of Air Force.  HAC is responsible for imagining, designing and shaping the needs and future requirements of air and space power for the joint force.
HAC leads the Air and Space Capability Division which uses a contemporary, agile and collaborative approach to capability development. The division has the remit to redesign Air Force’s approach to capability; breaking mindsets and models, and developing the deep engagements necessary to achieve the best air and space power effects.
Air and Space Capability Vision:
We will rapidly deliver agile and creative air and space capabilities, integrated into the joint force to advance Australia’s security and prosperity.
To do this:
We will imagine, analyse and invest in our future capability by harnessing the excellence of our people and partners and the latest technology to collaborate, create and deliver fast.