A35-010 and A35-009, F-35A Joint Strike Fighter fly in formation with F/A-18 Hornets.
Air Combat
Air Combat power is a critical capability, both in protecting Australia and deployed forces from adversary threats, and giving Australia a credible capability to hold at risk an adversary’s forces and infrastructure at distance from Australia.
Our Air Combat capabilities will maintain sufficient operational flexibility and capacity to conduct both Control of the Air and Strike operations.
We are continuing:
  • To procure 72 F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters
  • To invest in the sustainment of the F/A-18AF Super Hornet strike aircraft; and
  • The procurement of enhanced air launched munitions. 
The Force Structure Plan also provides for new and additional investment in:
  • A fourth air combat squadron later in the decade
  • High speed missiles and advanced long-range land and maritime strike weapons
  • Remotely-piloted and/or autonomous combat aircraft including air-teaming vehicles such as Loyal Wingman for air combat roles
  • Enhanced self-protection for aircraft; and
  • Research and development in high speed missile defence, including hypersonic weapons.