22SQN Air Movements Section personnel load medical equipment bound for PNG
Air Mobility
Within the Air Mobility program, the Force Structure Plan provides for continued investment in support, and through-life upgrades to:
  • The KC-30A multi-role tanker/transport
  • The C-17A Globemaster heavy air mobility
  • The C-130J Hercules medium air mobility, and
  • The C-27J Spartan light air mobility capability.
It also provides for new and additional investment in:
  • Large aircraft electronic warfare self-protection across the air mobility fleets to enhance the survivability of aircrew and aircraft against modern threats
  • Replacement and expansion of the C-130J Hercules medium air mobility fleet; and
  • An expanded replacement fleet for the KC-30A air-to-air refuelling tankers, including with crewed and/or remotely piloted platforms, to enhance the capacity of the Air Force to operate at long range and sustain operations.
Expanding the air mobility fleet will improve Defence’s operational capability to support and project our forces across Australia, the Indo-Pacific and further afield.