A proof of concept virtual operations room using Microsoft's HoloLens headset has been completed.
The future of air and space power will be characterised by significant increases in computational power, advanced manufacturing, miniaturisation, smart sensors, enhanced access to space, and artificial intelligence. Combined with sophisticated cyber challenges, changing geostrategic circumstances and global power shifts, our next century will have incredibly fast moving and complex battlespaces.
Air Force’s contribution to the joint force will be about realising the unsurpassed advantage of the ultimate high ground – the air and space domains. It will be characterised by invisible connections across air, land, maritime, space and cyber – with masses of data from sensor inputs being fused using artificial intelligence - to rapidly convert data to information to knowledge to insight at unfathomable speeds.
Our competitive advantage will be in how we use creative and non-prescriptive compositions of capabilities across the ADF to achieve effects. This will be driven by the creativity and ingenuity of our people, and the agility and integration of our systems.
It is critical that we disrupt the status quo and continuously transform by investing in the most advanced capabilities and technology. But this will not be enough. We need to harness the excellence of our people, as well as the strengths of industry and our trusted partners, to continue reaching our potential as a potent and relevant Air Force.