Space Radio Telescope


Space is a domain that is critical to Defence operations. Our capabilities and concepts rely on access to space systems and information – as do the Australian public.
Defence has recognised space as an operational domain, in response to the critical need for coordination across Defence space stakeholders; engagement with industry; and to assure our access to space.
The Space Domain will be advanced into an enterprise able to operate in an integrated and networked manner, in a complex and contested space environment.
The Chief of Air Force has been appointed as the Space Domain Lead. Defence has mapped out a two year body of work to develop and enhance the Defence Space Domain.
The Force Structure Plan committed $7 billion over the next decade to transition the ADF from a consumer to a sovereign contributor in space.
This investment will also provide new and exciting opportunities for Australian industry. Defence will look at innovative ways to expand our current space capability to meet unique Australian requirements, and develop our industry partnerships.
Defence will work closely with industry, allies, partners, academia and other government agencies such as the Australian Space Agency. These partnerships will ensure we transform the way we operate in space, including satellite communications, space domain awareness, positioning, navigation and timing, and earth observation capabilities.