Diversity in the Air Force

Air Force is an equal opportunity employer. We are proud to have a diverse workforce that brings a range of experiences and qualifications to the workplace.

Our ability to deliver airpower in the future depends on us having the best people for a wide range of Air Force jobs, regardless of gender, age or culture.  We need to ‘future-proof' Air Force with targeted programs that attract, recruit and retain the very best personnel.

“We need to make sure that young men and women finishing school have, at some point along the way, thought that Air Force would be a great place to work because they would be looked after, be excited, see long-term security, and be proud to wear the uniform.”

“Once they make that decision and feel that this is the place they want to be for some time, we need to assure them that the work they are doing is important: to pay them, house them, educate them and ensure they feel valued. 

“We want them to know that their height, religious background, skin colour, gender or specialisation doesn't matter. Everyone gets a fair go at a rewarding career.”

Air Marshal Leo Davies, AO, CSC

Air Force has implemented a range of initiatives to help personnel gain equal access to opportunities. Our diversity initiatives are constantly under review to ensure they are relevant, timely and inclusive.

Gender diversity

As at 1 April 2021, women represent 25.3% of Air Force personnel and we want to increase this number.

We have a number of initiatives designed to increase gender diversity across all segments of the workforce. 

Air Force has established the ‘Women’s Integrated Networking Groups’ (known as ‘WINGs’); a very successful local mentoring, networking and development program, across all Air Force bases. 

From January 2015, women have been able to serve in all positions in Air Force, including Airfield Defence Guards and Ground Defence Officer roles, which were previously not open to women.

Indigenous participation

Air Force is committed to the Whole of Australian Government Closing the Gap strategy through the ongoing engagement, recruitment and development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander personnel. 

As at 1 January 2019, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders represent 1.8 per cent of Air Force personnel.

Working with a range of stakeholders, Air Force has developed its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander diversity and inclusion plans— the Our Place, Our Skies strategy, and the action plan underpinning it, Common Ground. 

Our Place, Our Skies is the strategy that outlines initiatives to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander contribution within Air Force, and develop understanding about connections to people and place, history and culture, spirit and belonging.

Common Ground is the roadmap for achieving the goals outlined in Our Place, Our Skies. It ensures initiatives remain relevant, funded and are successfully implemented.

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Our Place, Our Skies

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Ethnic participation and country of birth

Reflecting our multicultural Australian society, Air Force is represented by 13 major ethnic regions including 'Australian'; 6.8% of our workforce is bilingual. We are proud to have a diverse workforce and continue to develop strategies to increase ethnic diversity.

Religious participation

Air Force members identify with 45 recognised religions. Members are served by the Air Force Chaplain Branch which comprises chaplains from ten denominations.

The Air Force uniform is one of the traditions of Air Force service, creating a sense of belonging and pride for Air Force members. Air Force uniform options include turbans for members of the Sikh faith and Hijabs for members of the Muslim faith. Individual options for Physical Training (PT) attire to adhere to religious requirements are also supported.

No matter which uniform our Air Force members wear, they wear their uniform with pride and inherit a proud tradition that was established by generations before us.

Members from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) community

Air Force actively supports members of the LGBTI community through a range of measures.

We have worked hard to develop inclusive policies and entitlements that are not limited by a member's gender, personal circumstances or sexual orientation. Air Force actively supports personnel attendance at conferences and LGBTI community events, and has developed a guide which provides practical advice and support for LGBTI members in the Air Force. 

Engagement and cooperation with the wider Defence LGBTI community group, DEFGLIS, is an integral part of our ongoing diversity strategy.

Age participation

Air Force has expanded its recruiting and retention policies to incorporate a wider range of ages in the workplace.

Phased retirement initiatives are in place to encourage retention of experienced personnel. Older personnel can share their knowledge through reserve service between the ages of 60-65.