Launched by the Chief of Air Force in September 2012, New Horizon is our coordinated response to Pathway to Change. New Horizon incorporates some transformational initiatives that have been underway in Air Force for a number of years, and identifies the requirement for others to be introduced.
Pathway to Change is Defence's statement of cultural intent as well as Defence's response to the reviews into aspects of Defence and Australian Defence Force culture. The Review into the Treatment of Women in the Australian Defence Force (often referred to as the Broderick 2 Report) is one of the cultural reviews. Air Force is delivering our Pathway to Change obligations through the New Horizon Program.

The New Horizon Outcomes as agreed in 2012 are:

Pride in Air Force and ownership of outcomes,
A diverse, competent and sustainable workforce,
An inclusive and safe work environment,
High standards of conduct, understood and upheld at all times,
Values-based leadership, articulated and demonstrated at all levels, and
A learning organisation that continuously improves in all areas.

Reforming our personnel systems and processes is key to delivering cultural change under New Horizon. We are currently analysing the Professional Military Education and Training continuum in the context of Pathway to Change - and more specifically the Broderick 2 Report. We are also revising the Personnel Performance System to better align performance management of personnel with organisational goals. The Directorate of Organisational Development and Culture continues to run interventions through the Adaptive Culture team, the Gender Diversity Program, and the Air Force Organisational Psychology Services.