First flight of the Mirage

01 Mar 1963

Selected to replace the Avon Sabre as the RAAF's fighter aircraft in 1960, the Mirage entered service in 1965 and was the first aircraft in RAAF service capable of flying at twice the speed of sound. The first Australian-assembled Mirage flew at Avalon airfield on 16 November 1963. It and the following 48 aircraft were built as Mirage IIIO(F) interceptors. Following aircraft A3-50, production switched to the Mirage IIIO(A) ground attack aircraft with slightly different equipment for this role. In June 1969, the IIIO(F) aircraft were modified to the ground attack standard, to increase commonality within the Mirage fleet. After the cessation of Mirage operations, a number of aircraft were retained by the RAAF as training aids.

To learn more, download this extract from Aircraft of the Royal Australian Air Force by David Richardson and Peter Wood.

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