Air Mobility Group

Air Mobility Group (AMG) is one of the largest Force Element Groups within Air Force and is responsible for providing the Australian Defence Force's combat air mobility capability. Air Mobility Group headquarters is located at RAAF Base Richmond, and personnel and aircraft are also located at RAAF Base Amberley (QLD).

Formed in February 1987, AMG is responsible for providing:

  • air logistics support
  • airborne and special operations
  • VIP transport
  • air-to-air refuelling
  • search and survivor assistance
  • aeromedical evacuation
  • training

AMG controls:

  • No 84 Wing 
  • No 86 Wing 
  • the Air Mobility Control Centre
  • the Air Mobility Training and Development Unit.

AMG has been at the forefront in delivering personnel, cargo and equipment in:

  • the Middle East 
  • Afghanistan 
  • East Timor
  • West Africa 
  • South East Asia
  • the Pacific region
  • the Australian Antarctic region.