Combat Support Group

The Royal Australian Air Force's Combat Support Group (CSG) is the most diverse Force Element Group, comprising approximately 3000 personnel located around Australia and overseas.

The Group provides airbase operational support to fixed and expeditionary air bases, including bare bases in Australia's north and in remote areas of strategic interest. CSG's key capability is to take any combination of services and tailor a package designed to meet the needs of a specific mission.

To simplify planning, the Combat Support Coordination Centre (CSCC) was formed as the coordination point for all CSG expeditionary missions. The CSCC's role is to take direction from Joint Operations Command and provide CSG with mission-specific guidance.

There are seven primary capabilities:

  • expeditionary airbase support
  • fixed airbase support
  • evacuation handling centres
  • health support
  • security
  • airfield engineering
  • communications.

Operations and enabling functions may include:

  • aircraft loading and unloading
  • security and intelligence
  • ground defence
  • explosive ordnance disposal
  • fire-fighting and rescue services
  • physical training
  • military working dogs
  • medical and dental care
  • catering
  • logistics
  • administration
  • airfield, ground, and electrical engineering
  • communications and IT support
  • chaplaincy.