Surveillance and Response Group

The Air Force's Surveillance and Response Group (SRG) Headquarters is located at RAAF Base Williamtown and is responsible for:

  • air surveillance assets
  • maritime warfare
  • aerospace, surveillance and battle space management
  • developing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, and electronic warfare capabilities.

SRG was formed on 30 March 2004 by merging the former Surveillance and Control, and Maritime Patrol Groups. Its motto 'Foremost Sentinel' encapsulates the Group's contribution as the early warning and response capability of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Air Defence

Based at RAAF Base Williamtown, No 41 Wing (41WG) is responsible for:

  • wide-area surveillance 
  • airspace control
  • execution of air battle management operations. 

41WG commands all Air Defence operational and training units across Australia.

Airborne Early Warning and Control

No 42 Wing (42WG) is located at RAAF Base Williamtown.

Supported by No 2 Squadron,the Wing delivers the Wedgetail Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) which:

  • controls the tactical battle space 
  • provides direction for assets in the air, at sea and on land
  • supports aircraft such as tankers and intelligence platforms.

Air Traffic Control

Based at RAAF Base Williamtown, No 44 Wing (44WG) commands all Air Traffic Control (ATC) detachments across Australia. It also commands the ATC Technical Ground Electronic Services workforce.

44WG is responsible for:

  • delivering aerodrome and radar control services
  • providing tactical control of forward airfields
  • battlefield aviation 
  • other airspace activity within Australia and for operational deployments.

Maritime Operations

Headquartered at RAAF Base Edinburgh, No 92 Wing (92WG) has long been established as the first Maritime Wing of the Air Force.

The Wing is responsible for:

  • conducting long-range intelligence
  • surveillance and reconnaissance missions
  • search and survivor supply missions.