Air Force Training Group (AFTG)

AFTG is headquartered at RAAF Base Williams – Laverton, 25km west of Melbourne CBD, Victoria. AFTG units are located in RAAF Bases Amberley (QLD), East Sale (VIC), Pearce (WA), Point Cook (VIC), Townsville (QLD), Wagga (NSW), and Defence Establishment Orchard Hills (NSW).

AFTG’s mission is to deliver Essential, Effective and Efficient education and training and promote the RAAF to meet Air Force Needs.

AFTG is responsible for the provision of training to members of the Air Force, as well as some personnel from Navy, Army and overseas defence forces. AFTG is on the forefront of the transformation of Air Force into a fifth generation fighting force. 

With the introduction of highly complex platforms to meet the challenges of a changing world, AFTG uses world-class training and education philosophies, methods and tools to deliver innovative training that supports and promotes Air Force.

Structure of AFTG

AFTG consists of a headquarters and two Academies that comprise flying units and ground schools.

The group also supports Air Force public relations activities through the Roulettes Aerobatic team, the Military Working Dog puppies, the Air Force Balloon, the RAAF Museum and the Air Force Band.

Each of the two Academies and the headquarters below has a specific responsibility to Air Force training, and report directly to Commander AFTG:

• Headquarters AFTG;
• Air Academy; and
• Ground Academy.

Headquarters AFTG

Headquarters AFTG (HQ AFTG) is responsible for providing policy guidance, support and strategic planning to Commander AFTG for the management of Air Force training.

In addition, HQ AFTG conducts:

• higher-level training evaluation studies;
• training design;
• research and development in training technology; and
• oversight of rationalised training on behalf of Air Force.

Air Academy

Air Academy is responsible for conducting basic and instructor training for pilots, mission aircrew and air traffic controllers. It also provides aircrew combat survival training for Air Force and other Australian Defence Force personnel.

• The Air Academy manages:
• No. 1 Flying Training School (RAAF Base East Sale);
• No. 2 Flying Training School (RAAF Base Pearce);
• No. 32 Squadron (RAAF Base East Sale);
• Air Mission Training School (RAAF Base East Sale);
• Central Flying School (RAAF Base East Sale);
• Combat Survival and Training School (RAAF Base Townsville);
• RAAF Museum (RAAF Base Point Cook); and
• School of Air Traffic Control (RAAF Base East Sale);

Air Academy operates the PC-21 aircraft for pilot training at No. 1 Flying Training School and No. 2 Flying Training School, and for pilot instructor training at Central Flying School.

No. 32 Squadron operates the B300 King Air aircraft that provide direct support to the Air Mission Training School.

Air Academy also promotes RAAF Public Affairs through community engagement by the Air Force Roulettes, the RAAF Museum and the Air Force Balloon.

Ground Academy

Ground Academy provides entry level and specialist training across a broad range of ground-based musterings and specialisations including security, fire and ground defence, administration and logistics, technical trades, and explosive ordnance.

Ground Academy comprises a number of training schools, including:

• No. 1 Recruit Training Unit (RAAF Base Wagga);
• Air Force Band (RAAF Base Williams);
• Defence Explosive Ordnance Training School (Defence Establishment Orchard Hills);
• Officer Training School (RAAF Base East Sale);
• School of Administrative and Logistics Training (RAAF Base Wagga);
• Security and Fire (Training) School (RAAF Base Amberley);
• School of Technical Training (RAAF Base Wagga); and
• School of Postgraduate Studies (RAAF Base Wagga).

Ground Academy also promotes RAAF Public Affairs through community engagement by the Military Working Dog Puppies and the Air Force Band.