The technology hangar at RAAF Museum, Point Cook

From the frail wood, wire and fabric flying machines of World War I to the sophisticated multi-million dollar aircraft of today, the development of military aviation has been driven by the pace of technological development.

Through periods of war and peace, advances in airframe design and materials, aerodynamics, engines, electronics and weapon systems have transformed aircraft from an interesting curiosity to a vital component of national security and power.

The aircraft and supporting equipment on display demonstrate the evolution of modern military aviation, through some of the most important periods in the history of the Royal Australian Air Force. Significantly, many of these major leaps in capability occurred during World Wars I and II when aviation was at the pinnacle of scientific and industrial development. Technologies such as the advent of the jet engine and the development of radar have flowed on to benefit civil aviation, and shaped the modern world.

Since 1921, the Air Force has appreciated the need to remain at the forefront of technological development. Today's modern equipment and systems continue that rich legacy and the Technology Hangar exemplifies such advancements.