Mission and purpose

Air Force brings technical, tactical and operational excellence into everything and uses the best combination of people and technology to achieve the RAAF mission.

Air Force shapes strategic areas of interests within the air and space domains. In fulfilling RAAF mission and purpose, Air Force deters behaviours and responds to challenges that are counter to Australia's interests.

The Royal Australian Air Force will fight and win by generating air and space effects across the sea, land, air, space and cyber operating domains. RAAF provides immediate military options as part of a whole of government response, from Australia or overseas. Skilled air power is a product of attracting, training and rewarding Australia's best people.

The key air power roles that Air Force plays, for the safety of Australia and her interests, are:-

  • control of the air
  • precision strike
  • intelligence, surveillance and response
  • air mobility — enabled by combat and operational support.