The RAAF Museum hosts one of the best collections of historical aircraft in the world. Visitors will enjoy a range of exhibitions and learn about the history of Australian air power.

External displays

A number of static aircraft are on display around the Point Cook grounds. Among them are the Lockheed C-130H Hercules A97-011, Supermarine Spitfire Mk VIII replica A58-492, and the Bristol Bloodhound missile and launcher.

Heritage gallery

The Museum heritage gallery presents exhibits on subjects and periods of historical significance. Visitors can learn about Air Force Chaplains, RAAF Medical Service, WAAF and WRAAF. The gallery displays also focus on the Australian air power contribution to major conflicts.

Display hangars

The Training Hangar presents the evolution of RAAF training, since the start of Central Flying School operations at Point Cook in 1914. The hangar hosts a selection of training aircraft from 1915 onwards.

The aircraft and supporting equipment on display in the Technology Hangar demonstrate the evolution of modern military aviation. The displays cover some of the most important periods in the history of the Royal Australian Air Force.

In the Aircraft Display Hangar, the  visitors can use the public viewing gallery to enjoy a fascinating cross section of the largest collection of military aircraft and related artefacts in Australia.

In the Restoration Hangar, RAAF Museum technical staff, and talented and passionate volunteers are working on a number of aircraft restoration projects. The public viewing gallery looking down onto the Museum’s Restoration Hangar provides an opportunity to see some of the work in progress.

The Strike and Reconnaissance Hangar showcases aircraft that were pivotal to the Air Force capability post World War II. The hangar's four platforms display examples of the aircraft with a strike or reconnaissance role for the Air Force.